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Get to know Eva Rose Weddings


Eva Vilemsone


Hello, my name is Eva.

I was born in a beautiful seaside city – Ventspils, Latvia. I moved to the UK on first of April 2010 and I’ve been living here ever since. I’m based in Cambridgeshire. I’m a cat mum – I have 3 beautiful meows - A tortie sister Belinda and ginger brother Gizmo. January 2024 we adopted our newest family member Dorian. He’s a beautiful silver grey meow.

I love nature and travelling. I love all things black and weird. My journey in the alternative world started when I was about 10 years old - my mum allowed me to shampoo dye my hair dark blue and use her black eye shadow for Halloween. That was me hooked – I have never looked ‘normal’ since. And guess what? It was not just a phase :D

Creating and styling things has always been one of my passions.

I have a degree in visual plastic art and experience in environmental design and culture management. During covid I had a chance to take a few online courses to upgrade my knowledge in wedding planning, event management and floristry. Begining of 2024 I finished my certification project and graduated from Wedding Academy - I am now a certified Wedding planner and stylist.

When I started to plan my own wedding back in 2019 I was struggling to find suppliers that fit my style and needs. We wanted a very unique and different wedding to what most magazines and websites offer you. It was just not for me or my husband. So, we decided to create items we love for our special day ourselves (more me creating stuff than my husband (he’s better at music not crafts and DIY) but he helped too). I ended up DIYing about 85% of our wedding decorations. I enjoyed planning and styling my own wedding so much that here I Am – offering my services to couples who need a little help to make their special day as amazing as mine was.

My work has been published in Rock’n’Roll Bride and Quirky Weddings. I’m also a Quirky Awards winner - Most unique Wedding planner 2023.

Whatever you need – I’m here for you. So, don’t worry and let’s take your uniqueness and proudly fill your day with ‘YOU’

That’s a little about me and what I do. Hope to hear from you soon.



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